Fractions Game

Fraction Dinners

Here’s a game I made for year 9 but can be used with most groups as a revision on equivalent fractions. I also used it as a task to discuss adding fractions and other ideas such as 24/24 equals a whole.

Students were in pairs and took it in turns to roll a dice.

They follow the instructions on the screen and find the sector that equals the fraction(s) on screen. EG if a student rolls a 3 then they find a fraction that equals 1/3 such as 7/21 or 6/18. The aim is to fill the circle so as the circle gets filled the sector pieces needed are smaller.

Fraction Dinners 1

Fraction Dinners 2Fraction Dinners 3

The students enjoyed the game and there was a lot of students discussing and noticing that fractions equal to 1/6 had a denominator 6 times more than the numerator or 1/4 is 4 times and 1/3 is 3 times etc. They also looked at why the fractions added to make 1. So when left with 4/32 + 5/30 + 10/80 + 7/56 + 3/12 + 10/48 they tried to show why it made 1.


frac piefract pie

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