Multiple Choice

Since COVID-19 I have needed resources that I can project in class or my foundation classes that didn’t need print outs. Here are some questions I plan to project for the first few minutes of a lesson whilst I take the register. 

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I have made a series of multiple choice question sheets that i designed to use with Foundation year 11 Students. They have 10 questions and aim to get students thinking about common misconceptions and also brush up on some of the key topics and facts they often forget. Here are 9 i have made. Feel free to use them and adapt them as you see fit.

Multiple Choice 1 Types of Number

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 21.29.12.png

Multiple Choice 2 Shape and Averages

Multiple Choice 3 Algebra

Multiple Choice 4 Sequences

Multiple Choice 5 Types of Number

Multiple Choice 6 Calculator

Multiple Choice 7 Fractions

Multiple Choice 8 Algebra

Multiple Choice 9 Percentages

Multiple Choice 10 Loci