Remote Teaching

I’m not sure how useful this will be but I thought I’d try and get all the things I’ve learnt in the last term on Remote teaching into one post.

Using two devices: I have found using my laptop for the main TEAMS lesson whilst opening up TEAMS on my iPad has proven useful. 


You turn off the sounds on your tablet and put it into “Do not disturb” so messages don’t come up during your meeting.

Mute your sound and video for the ipad too.

I have created a screen where all apps except the ones I need are in moved to a different page of apps.

I find meeting “myself” on TEAMS to practice is useful to test it all out.

Look at useful apps to download that could help your lesson delivery. I have geogebra downloaded so I could use the features on plotting a graph.

I also use SMHW to add the ppt from the lesson as CLASSWORK on SMHW and then I can mark the class as absent or late etc. We don’t have the attendance feature enabled so this is why I use this instead.

Using mini whiteboards via WHITEBOARD FI is very useful and I have made a word document with all I have learnt from that…. 

Open the classroom before the lesson to set up and you can open the link from a different device to play around with the website. It’s useful to have it open on your ipad or device in the lesson so you can use a stylus to write and it means you can see the chat on TEAMS at the same time. This was helpful when one student said their board wasn’t working and was going to close the browser and restart. 

Use the chat for multiple choice questions either via Forms or just from your PPT. 

I like the ppt ones so I can get individual students replies and its helped support incorrect answers, but Forms is a good one to use if you want anonymity.

Document on how to use FORMS and the shortcut

If you want some time in the lesson for students to work independently and you monitor then I cannot recommend DESMOS enough. Easy to use and set up and a great way to conclude a lesson.

Below are some of the Remote lessons I have used and have worked well. (Some are from October)