Loci and Area

The way the SOW is written can often see topics placed closely in different combinations. EG in year 8 I saw that Perimeter, Area, Volume and Surface Area are next to Factors, Multiples, LCM, HCF, PFF and Indices. So when looking at what lengths a rectangle of Area 24cm squared might have, you naturally remind students of factors. When looking at area of a square, you link square numbers and roots and the same with volume.

In year 10 we teach Area and circumference of circles, sectors and arcs. We also teach construction and Loci in the same module.

Yes, I realise it may be obvious but having that understanding of the circle; names for the parts (radius, diameter) and also how to find the area and circumference has made construction and Loci easier to tackle. It’s also helped to reinforce Area and Circumference.

so this resource looks at the two

i also wanted a resource where students could write statements based on different combinations of colours.

How would we describe the points that lie in grey or purple?

this task put the emphasis on the description of points that satisfy a rule rather than the construction

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 22.01.45



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