Points on a Line

Students thought about the problem for a little while before they discussed it in pairs. I invited students to share their ideas and this is what they came up with the suggestions below.


I asked the students to explain the answers and they could use the grid on the visualiser to help. They came up and started marking on their points and realising one by one that the co-ordinates did not work. I then asked them to think a little bit longer about what the co-ordinates could be now they had a better idea of what we were/were not looking for

A students asked if they could mark a point on the line and say the co-ordinate and I said that was ok, so they quickly came up with (46.5, 11) so I asked if they could find anymore and they were trying to mark points between (45, 10) and (46.5, 11) but were not able to determine the co-ordinate.


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