On the back of using this resource below with my year 10 low attaining class I realised they struggled with more than one rule/statement. So I created some more practice of simpler Loci problems


Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 22.01.45

Loci Starter and Problemloci1loci2loci3

After a few lessons looking at different ruler and compass constructions, we looked at the following activity;

Loci activity

Students were to identify all the points exactly 3cm from A in the first diagram

In the second diagram they had to identify points equidistant from AB and AC

In the third diagram they had to identify points equidistant from A and B

In the fourth diagram they had to identify points 2cm from the line AB

In the fifth diagram they had to identify points exactly 1cm from the shape A


I saw lots of students, ruler in hand measuring the points, some drew lines, like radii in the first problem and i asked them what they would do if i had drawn loads of points on the page, say 100. A few students noticed the circular shape to  the points identified and i think if i had drawn loads more points this might have been a little clearer to the students. This activity did help students when they had no idea of what the loci of points might look like. Later in the lesson students were seen locating points to help them see what shape the loci was creating.




I set the following problem in the lesson on Loci

Loci Problem

I made an overlay on tracing paper with the solution so i could check answers (completed or not) This task wasn’t just about Loci but also area and you can solve it without constructing anything. Students constructed the 4 maps to locate the treasure but didn’t answer the question!



This year I went back to this resource and amended it.

We spent time trying to place objects so they followed a rule then discussed what we noticed.

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