Angles in a Quadrilateral

After spending time looking at Angles in a full turn, on a straight line and in triangles I decided I wanted to practice these but linking them to quadrilaterals.

So after the above tasks along others, I moved to the task below. We discuss the properties of shapes which was a recap because we’d looked areas of 2D shapes before Christmas and had considered the properties to help. I wanted students to work out the top 3 Qs using angles in a triangle and then we stopped to discuss what we noticed…

“kites have a pair of equal angles and a line of symmetry or two isosceles triangles”

“parallelograms have opposite angles that area the same”

“Trapeziums have angles that add to 180” *students pointed to which were equal

The next step is to try the task below… I want to introduce the parallel lines element of the shapes and what we can notice.

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