Dividing and Multiplying Decimals


I think some students look at questions involving decimals with fear. It sometimes feels that they haven’t realised that the rules of multiplication of whole numbers are the same when dealing with decimals.

With division, it surprises me when students can deal with a fraction that has a decimal because they can create an equivalent fraction that has whole numbers but if its written with an obelus they start working with long division.

Anyway, heres a few questions i’m using in class to practice multiplying and dividing decimals.

Dividing Decimals

Multiplying Decimals



One thought on “Dividing and Multiplying Decimals

  1. This is a very good tutorial in learning how to divide fractions. For me, the standard rule of dividing fractions is very important to be understood deeply to avoid confusion. The rule state that you have to invert the divisor fraction and apply the rule of multiplication of fraction. This means that you need to understand first the rule of multiplication of fraction. If there is doubt in the answer, I think fraction solver from https://www.fractioncalc.com/fraction-solver is a good reference.


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